A Dutchman's dangerous journey to join the Allies

The role of DdM Works

DdM Works arranged the funding, project managed the translation and negotiated the publishing contract.

Escaping Occupied Europe is the English translation of the travelogue of Daniël de Moulin, published in Dutch as Wij zijn niet bang, tenminste, niet erg (2006, 2015).


The project

It is 1943, and in occupied Holland the Nazis have declared that all students must sign a Declaration of Loyalty, or face the penalty of forced labour in Germany. Medical student Daniël de Moulin refuses. A member of the Dutch resistance and
in danger of being arrested and sentenced to death, he decides to escape to Englandand join the Allies to fight the Axis occupation of his motherland.

Escaping Occupied Europe tells the remarkable story of De Moulin’s journey in his own words. His engaging and authentic style make this a unique document about the journey undertaken by Dutch men and women – ‘Engelandvaarders’ –
during the Second World War.

When, moments later we turned to look, we saw that the Gestapo was driving slowly behind us. There was no doubt that we were being followed.
This realization, although sensational, was anything but pleasant … We were convinced that we had been caught and expected to be arrested at any moment. It was odd, really, that we were so calm and talked nonsense about how we might harass the Nazis during our interrogation…
— Daan
Engelandvaarders in the Pyrenees.

Engelandvaarders in the Pyrenees.

De Moulin's Route

De Moulin (middle) with fellow 'Engelandvaarders' Jan Willem Gaillard and Lodewijk Parren at the beach Praia Das MaçÃs, Portugal, 1943. Het Utrechts Archief